Florida Clergy, Faith Leaders Tell AG Bondi: Stop Siding with Wall Street Banks

This morning, a group of 75 clergy, faith leaders, and homeowners from five counties across Florida converged on the state Capitol in Tallahassee to hold a prayer vigil outside the office of Attorney General Pam Bondi, to urge her to stop siding with the Wall Street banks and drop her opposition to a provision in the 50-state Attorneys General settlement that would help underwater homeowners in the state reduce their mortgage debt.

Vigil organizers set-up a fake “moral hazard” work zone outside of AG Bondi’s office to tell the Attorney General that she is fostering moral hazard by continuing to make responsible Florida homeowners bear the full brunt of the cost of a housing bubble and bust that big Wall Street banks fueled and profited from. According to Zillow, forty-seven percent of Florida mortgage holders are underwater.

“Attorney General Bondi wants homeowners of Florida to believe that she is defending them by saying that reducing mortgage principal would create a ‘moral hazard’ while she watches families drown in their mortgages,” testified Rev. Errol Thompson, pastor of New Fellowship Baptist Church in Orlando and a leader in today’s vigil.

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