Bank of America cuts check for Estates couple in mistaken foreclosure case

NAPLES — When Bank of America tried to foreclose on Warren and Maureen Nyerges’ fully-paid, Golden Gate Estates home last year, it was a mistake.

When the couple’s attorney arrived at a Bank of America branch Friday morning with deputies, a moving company and a court writ permitting him to seize furniture and cash to recoup fees in the case, it was a last alternative.

“This could have all been settled for nothing a while ago, but it got completely blown out of proportion,” Warren Nyerges, 46, said on Thursday.

In a scene that turns Southwest Florida’s foreclosure crisis on its head, Collier Sheriff’s deputies delivered the writ to a Davis Boulevard branch of the bank on Friday morning, presenting the bank manager with two options — he could either pay the $2,500 in attorneys fees the Nyergeses were awarded in December, or the movers would begin taking furniture and cash.

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