Now this is quite disturbing. A few weeks ago we submitted a public records request RE Judge Victor Tobin Joining Foreclosure Mill Marshall C. Watson.

Well, we just received the response and it is a total FAIL in my opinion.

Reply From 17th RE Tobin

Here are just a few reasons why…

First, we got our hands on an internal email originally posted at jaablog in where General Counsel requested that all the judges and their assistants voluntarily submit any of the requested items from our request to her on their own.

Under the ScopeHere is the email sent by General Counsel Alexandra Rieman to all judges regarding the Public Records Request into Vic Tobin’s and the judiciary’s relationship with the Marshall Watson law firm.  The request encompasses “(a)ll records … relating to discussions of employment and career opportunities, salary offers, salary negotiations … current employment exit strategy … and/or incentives regarding the employment of judges of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit to or from any employee or representative of the Law Office of Marshall Watson … “, from June 1, 2010 to May 27, 2011.  We’re still trying to figure out who has made the request …

Internal Email RE Tobin Joining Marshall Watson

Now the first issue with this is you don’t ask the person that is potentially withholding information to search his own records and submit which he may be trying to hide.

Second, it appears that they did not even try to provide any information since they only sent his resignation letter.

We actually found that there was at least one other communication RE Judge Victor Tobin Joining Foreclosure Mill Marshall C. Watson that they intentionally did not provide which we had already posted on this site…

From: Judge Tobin/17THCircuit
Date: May 17, 2011 5:57:22 PM
Cc: Carol L Ortman

Late this afternoon, I notified Governor Scott that I would be resigning as a Circuit Judge effective June 30, 2011.  Effective July 1, 2011, I will return to private practice with the Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson.  I wish to express my sincere thanks to each judge for permitting me the honor of being your Chief Judge during the last four years.  I appreciate the confidence you placed in me.

Vic Tobin

Wonder why we did not receive that with our request? What else did we not get?

That alone destroys the credibility of their response. We will continue on with our efforts until we get to the truth.