Promissory Note Fraud: Putrid Evidence Bubbling Up

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Investors & Shareholders & Judges & Journalists Take Note!

At Bank of America, more incomplete mortgage docs raise more questions via @FortuneMagazine

Professor Levitin changes his assumption as he is enlightened about promissory note & allonge fraud here

Fraudocument Robosigned Allonge here

Magically appearing allonge in a Maine Supreme Court case here

Counterfeit promissory notes (ex here and here and here and here).

More and more glimmers of truth emerging.


Promissory Note Endorsements – Brought To You By Photoshop #2:

Checking out “Promissory Note Endorsement – Brought To You By Photoshop” on Foreclosure Hamlet:

Promissory Note fraud ALSO?  “Will the real owner via endorsement please stand up?” on Foreclosure Hamlet:

Checking out “More Signs of Improper Conveyance of Promissory Notes to Trusts” on Foreclosure Hamlet:

Double Allonges?

Florida Bankers Association admits that the notes were all intentionally destroyed to “prevent confusion”.  Don’t believe me?  See page 4 of document they filed with the Florida Supreme Court here.

Multiple differing copies of “true & correct copies of original note” disgusts CA BK judge here

Class Action Lawsuit against LPS.  See bottom of page 34 –