Thigpen Failed to Meet With President, Economic Advisers on WH Visit

“It was a bust.”

That’s what Guilford County register of deeds Jeff Thigpen told me about his visit to the White House last Friday. Many were intrigued by the surprise announcement that Thigpen would be part of a reception and policy briefing some of the nation’s brightest young legislators. He has been at the forefront among registers of deeds of the foreclosure fraud crisis, using the power of his office to document forgeries and other abuses by banks seeking to upend the land title recording system that has prevailed in America for centuries. There was a hope that this White House meeting would offer a chance for Thigpen to build on his success, and get the ear of top policymakers about the extent of the fraud.

It didn’t pan out. “I got up there and they processed my stuff late, and there were a bunch of young electeds attending the briefings,” Thigpen said in a brief phone interview. “And I got bumped from the briefings. So I went to the reception, but there was obviously no time with the President at that.”

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