Tampa Judges Eschewing Hearings in Foreclosure Cases

We all know that the senior judges are on their way out in Florida.  In counties like Hillsborough, where a handful of senior judges have been handling all residential foreclosure hearings for more than a year, this is a big transformation.  Suddenly, thousands of foreclosure cases are being transferred back to the regular, circuit court judges.  Suffice it to say I’ve been curious to see how foreclosure cases would progress with “normal” judges.

So far, I’m not pleased.  In recent days, two of the “normal” circuit court judges have ruled on motions in foreclosure cases without a hearing.  One judge filed an Order warning the parties to file written memos, upon which he may rule without a hearing, while another judge took it a step further by ruling without a hearing without the opportunity for further briefing.  There was no notice, no warning – just a signed Order in the mail.

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