In re the Sunny Sheu Murder case…

This just in from Will Galison…

Conversation of Will Galison with NYPD Internal Affairs Detective Hinton

This recording documents my conversation with Detective Hinton of NYPD Internal Affairs. It resulted from a complaint I made earlier in the evening to the 24th pct in New York City. The date was June 30-31, 2011

It shows the contempt of the NYPD towards people who complain against cops. It gets weird after 7 minutes, but if you can listen form the beginning, you will hear the context.

My complaint regarded a man who attacked me after he saw me photographing his car. He grabbed me by the neck and threw me against a wall, and threatened to kill me if I took anther picture. Because there was a police parking placard in his window, I assumed he was a policeman.

His actions comprise NY Penal code law:

S 120.15 Menacing in the third degree.

I photographed the van because I had reasonable cause to believe that I might be being surveiled by NYPD. I am a witness to a murder that is allegedly committed by the NYPD.

Google “murder of Sunny Sheu” for details

If he was not a policeman, why did Internal Affairs called me at 2:15 in the morning? I was never told whether he was an NYPD cop or not. Neither I nor the 24th pct would tell me. I later found out that his wife is a cop, but he is not. He was illegally using her parking placard.

A few the most disturbing aspects of this conversation are these:

Hinton implied that the incident was MY fault, because I should not have photographed the van.

Hinton REF– USED to take my sworn statement, until I insisted several times.

Hinton lied that an email of my sworn statement was not received, even though he received the photos of the van at the same address, and my email said the statement had gone through.

Hilton said that he would take the Sergeant’s word of what he said I said, over my own sworn statement.

Thinking I could not hear him Hinton says “He should have choked everything out of your throat

Thinking I could not hear him Hinton says: “I wish he added murder” when I described the crimes of my attacker

When I tell Hinton that he must hear me out because I “pay his salary” (through taxes) He screams “No You do NOT” who does?

Are NYPD cops not told that they are paid by the public to protect the public?

Throughout the call Hinton ad his colleagues can be heard laughing and making comments about me while I am taking.

Please let the NYPD know that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.