June and Theresa get fired from the AG’s office around the same time this guy gets a vp position at LPS?

Either this is a hell of a coincidence or something much more sinister…

If it’s the latter, this is so blatant and so in your face it is ridiculous.

What the hell is it gonna take for the people to get angry enough to stand up and stop this madness?

Is there any agency in this nation that is not absolutely corrupt and complicit not to look into what is going on here in Floriduh?

We have been documenting all this for over TWO years now and NOTHING has been done to stop this slow moving train wreck of fraudclosures.


From the Herald Tribune…


Lawyers take jobs with firms under investigation

By Todd Ruger

Two lawyers at the Florida Attorney General’s Office left their government posts this year to take jobs at firms still under investigation by the agency.

Both firms are central players in a high profile, yearlong investigation into how Florida attorneys and paperwork processing companies generated documents that banks need to foreclose.

Joe Jacquot, a former deputy attorney general, left his position in May to become a senior vice president at Lender Processing Services, one of several companies the state has accused of manufacturing bogus legal documents so banks could seize homes from their owners.

Erin Cullaro, a former assistant attorney general, was hired by Shapiro and Fishman, another foreclosure law firm under investigation. She said she stopped working there after a week.

Cullaro had previously been fired by the attorney general’s office in April for moonlighting as a document preparer with one of the state’s so-called “foreclosure mills.”

You can check out Todd’s report in full here…

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