Gary Lane v Stuart Price

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – An attorney who represents victims of illegal foreclosures and mortgage fraud claims a Bryan Cave senior partner who represents Bank of America and Countrywide Mortgage is using underhanded tactics to try to put him out of business.

Gary Lane says Stuart Price filed a complaint with the California Bar citing 78 of Lane’s cases. State law requires Lane to respond individually to each of the 78 cases.

“Normally the state bar provides for a month to respond to a single complaint, expecting it to take that much time to find opportunity to respond,” Lane wrote in his abuse of process complaint in Orange County Court.

“Here the bar received 78 complaints from Stuart Price submitted as one by Stuart Price, which would be expected to take 78 months to find the opportunity to respond. However, since the complaints were brought by the single individual, Stuart Price, at one time, the bar is providing one to two months to respond. This is clearly impossible, and the result is effectively putting Mr. Lane’s law office out of business, by requiring that all of his time be spent solely on responding to Mr. Price’s complaints, and none spent on preparing law suits against Mr. Price’s client, Countrywide Mortgage, the admitted perpetrator of the largest number of home loan mortgage frauds in this nation.”

Lane claims Price had tried to discredit him previously by failing to file a joint stipulation to continue a hearing, which resulted in sanctions being brought against Lane after he failed to show. Lane also claims Price’s co-counsel “at defendant’s direction perjured herself on the stand and made false representations resulting in sanctions being issued against Gary Lane.”

Lane, who has been practicing law for 39 years, says Price’s actions are an attempt to discredit him, destroy his reputation and interfere with his ability to help the less fortunate.

Lane wants Price barred from filing any more meritless complaints or defamatory statements with the state bar and to be excused from responding to the 78 complaints Price made to the bar.

Lane also seeks damages for abuse of process, defamation and false light. He is representing himself.

Price is the only defendant. Bryan Cave is not a defendant.



Gary Lane v Stuart Price

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