Clip on June and Theresa’s ousting by Pam Bondi starts at min 1:28…


Fight the banksters – lose your job.  Down in Florida – two state Prosecutors – Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson – uncovered rampant foreclosure fraud perpetrated by big banks using robo-signers to kick thousands of families out of their homes illegally.  But as the prosecutors were preparing their cases against the banksters – they were inexplicably fired by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.  Why?  Because, as they allege, they were going after banksters TOO aggressively.  “We were making too much noise, “ said Edwards.  Attorney General Bondi denies firing the prosecutors for going after banksters – instead claiming they were fired for “professionalism” issues – yet both of them received strong performance reviews leading up to their termination.  Looks like the Attorney General under Rick Scott has a pretty tough job down in Florida – not only prosecuting crimes, but sweeping them under the rug as well.