Campaign Contributions from Companies CURRENTLY Under Investigation by Pam Bondi

Sure, let’s make a big deal about the firings of the AG’s investigators June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards.  We should and we must.

But the fact that Bondi took campaign contributions from Lender Processing Services WHILE there’s an active investigation into Lender Processing Services is even more concerning. (Not to mention the hiring of Joe Jacquot, a former lawyer from Bondi’s office by LPS the same week that June and Theresa were fired. His new position, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for Lender Processing Services, Inc.)

The firings can be dismissed as inter-office politics; the campaign contributions are best described as bribes.

Firings + Bribes = CORRUPTION?

How can you take campaign contributions from a company that the AG Office investigating?

Who can the AG negotiate in good faith with the other states’ AGs against the banks when she has a dog in the fight??

Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi took campaign contributions from TWO companies CURRENTLY under investigation by her office for foreclosure fraud-related activities, Lender Processing Services and Provest.  Lender Processing Services donated directly to Bondi’s campaign through LPS, its subsidiaries/affiliates, its in-house counsel, and at least one attorney employed by its in-house counsel.  Members of Provest’s senior management, including its founder and CEO, as well as an executive vice president’s WIFE, contributed to Bondi’s campaign.

There are SEVENTY NINE PAGES of Bondi campaign contributors:  there may be many more contributors with a direct relationship with companies currently under investigation by the Florida Attorney General.

  • Bill McCollum began investigations into LPS and Provest while Attorney General.
  • Did Bondi fail to research the AG’s office and familiarize herself with investigations started under her predecessor/opponent in the primary prior to campaigning for his job?
  • How can Bondi properly investigate companies already under investigation if she took “contributions” from them?
  • How can Bondi act in good faith and represent the citizens of Florida in negotiations with the other states’ attorneys general against the banks when she took campaign contributions from companies/their managements whose businesses are dependent on the very banks under investigation?

1.  Lender Processing Services.

FL AG Pam Bondi has an open investigation of now-notorious affidavit mill Lender Processing Services

Lender Processing Services’ “work product” – fraudulent affidavits – have been called a “sham” and a “farce” by the US Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana (start at bottom of page 18)

Pam Bondi took thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Lender Processing Services, its affiliates/subsidiaries (Fidelity Financial, etc.), its in-house counsel (Holland & Knight) and members of its in-house counsel staff.  At least one member of Lender Processing Services’ board is a former member of H&K – I just looked around and can’t find which one, but I saw it recently….

Nathan A. Adams, member of Holland & Knight’s Tampa office, gave money to both Pam Bondi and Bill McCollum.

2.  Provest.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has an active, open investigation into ProVest:,provest

Provest senior management:

At least three members of senior management of Provest gave money to Pam Bondi:

Scott Stady, founder and CEO:

Victor Draper, executive vice president:

and Deanna Draper, Victor Draper’s wife

Deanna R. Draper:

James P. McDermott, a member of management, is listed as “Jim” on Provest website but it’s the same guy:


Worth asking for a quote re: Provest’s senior management’s contributions.

Provest belongs to the Florida Association of Professional Process Servers

Bob Musser

5415 Lake Howell Road #327
Winter Park, FL 32792

Telephone: (407) 679-1539


Code of Ethics:


Pam Bondi forced out the top two foreclosure fraud investigators in her office several weeks ago

How can she properly investigate LPS and Provest and act on our behalf in good faith with the other AGs??  Florida is the epicenter of foreclosure fraud; she should be in the VANGUARD of the investigation.  Instead, she takes “campaign contributions.”

Background on LPS:

Florida attorneys have known about LPS & their fraud since at least 2008!

This is a compilation of foreclosure mills using LPS’s services, state-by-state, from the three 2006-2007 issues of The Summit:

Read about robosigning and kickbacks (excuse me, “incentive awards”) to attorneys using LPS’s services, golfing junkets, etc. directly from LPS’s newsletter, The Summit.

The Summit, Sept. 2006

(read Dory Goebel’s article on page 16 about robosigning)

The Summit, Oct. 2007

The Summit, Dec. 2007

Court cases involving LPS and Dory Goebel:

2007:  In Re: Fagan, US Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of New York State:

Ms. Goebel’s “sworn testimony was false.”  (page 3)


In Re: Wilson, US Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana, where LPS’s “work product” was called a “sham” and a “farce” and Dory Goebel

In Re: Wilson, February Post Trial Brief:

In Re: Wilson, April Memorandum:  (start around page 18)

For people who think affidavits are just details, the Court would beg to differ:

Default affidavits are a lender’s representation as to the status of a loan. They are routinely accepted in both state and federal courts in lieu of live testimony. They are an accommodation to the lending community based on a belief by the courts that the facts they present are virtually unassailable. The submission of evidence by affidavit allows lenders to save countless hours and expense establishing a borrower’s default without the need for testimony from a lending representative. While they can be refuted by a borrower, too often, a debtor’s offer of alternative and conflicting facts is dismissed by those who believe that a lender’s word is more credible than that of a debtor. The deference afforded the lending community has resulted in an abuse of trust.  (author’s bolding, from April Memorandum, page 21)

The Florida Bar seems to take the role of affidavits very seriously:

Florida Bar opinion about attorneys “affirmative obligation” pre- and POST-judgment to notify court:

Anonymous posting by a foreclosure mill attorney:

And last but not least, let’s not forget about DOCX and Linda Green…

Heck, I think they even did a 60 Minutes Report on the matter…

I believe it was called Mortgage paperwork mess: the next housing shock?

Watch the 60 Minutes Report on Foreclosure Fraud Here w/ Bonus Material

(CBS News) If there was a question about whether we’re headed for a second housing shock, that was settled last week with news that home prices have fallen a sixth consecutive month. Values are nearly back to levels of the Great Recession. One … Watch by clicking here…

I bet Bondi is regretting the firing of her two top investigators right about now…


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