Bondi’s reasons for ousters don’t convince this reader

Orlando Sentinel

Pam Bondi‘s My Word explanation for the removal of two top investigators was anything but convincing (“Bondi explains ousters,” Sunday). She states that her division manager repeatedly spoke to them about failed expectations.

However, every documented report and evaluation was exactly the opposite — praising Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson for either “exceptional” or “above expectations” in 29 of the collective 30 categories in which they were reviewed.

Raising the stink factor was Joe Jacquot, former special counsel to Attorney General Pam Bondi, leaving shortly before the investigators were forced out to take a high-level job with one of the companies the Attorney General’s Office was investigating.

This is just plain wrong and a grievous example of what is going on in our state government. These two hard-working employees should be reinstated to continue the pursuit of fraud, and Bondi should stick to working for the people of the state — not the private companies trying to maximize their profits at the expense of the law — and the public.

Bil Click Chuluota