“We had made a lot of progress in the investigation and (Lawson) demanded we provide him memos about LPS showing the basis for our lawsuit and to defend the investigation,” Edwards said.


Florida Attorney General seeks an independent review of investigators’ dismissal

By Kimberly Miller

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi asked today for an independent examination of her office’s ouster of two former foreclosure fraud investigators as queries escalate over the reason for the duo’s abrupt dismissal.

Bondi said she has questions herself as to why there was no documentation to support the May ultimatum given former assistant attorneys general June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards to resign or be fired.

The women, who resigned May 20, were the lead state investigators of Florida’s so-called “foreclosure mill” law firms and of faulty court paperwork. Their performance was lauded in fall evaluations and in an April 22 review in which Edwards was touted for triggering a nationwide examination of foreclosure practices.

“I stand by the decision,” Bondi said today about the dismissals, “but because there are allegations being made, I am asking for an outside inspector general to review it. I want to make sure I make this the best office I can make it.”

The Palm Beach Post first reported the resignations July 13, but they soon garnered national attention.

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