Are you loving it? I am loving it now. NO matter what settlement the banks, the servicers, the crooks of Wall St. and every sleazy con artist in America will do with the AG, the SEC, the FTC, the Legislators, the Regulators, or any government agency, they will always get away with murder. Please take a look at the history of every settlement out there. This is another way to cover up more of their wrong doing. As we know, if there is any regulation or investigation, they used their best buddies in the government as we called the fox watching the hen house. If there is any new senator bill proposed to pass, the banks lobbyist will kill it immediately or gets mixed with many other proposals to make it almost invisible or unknown to the public that no one ever know what happened to it, like the bill from the senator in Arizona.

Since I can read and understand English in this country, I have never seen so much corruption and illegal scandals in the whole world. It is so amazing that the American people don’t even raise a voice, don’t even protest or fight back. It is like they are all zombies or they had been given a drug not to feel a thing, no matter what happens in this country. Their ignorance is the same like the lack of care for the fellow human being.

The news are inundated with war in the middle east, riots and protest in Syria, Libya, and now the UK.

Hundreds and Thousands of people die every month in many of these countries and we don’t give a darn.

Just like millions of people are losing their homes every year and even if we hear all the robo-sign, the forgery of signatures, the scandals of the criminal banksters recreating all the documents fabricated by Foreclosure Mills like Docx, LPS, and many others from Florida to the Philippines, the worse ever imagine, using the legal system to submit Affidavits by Attorneys representing the banks to commit perjury by the very legal way under the constitution and the black letter law in this country. This had hurt the most to the American People because they had lost trust in the justice system in this country. We all know that many Judges are under the payroll of the banks, many retirees Judges were offered millions of dollars to expedite the robo dockets, becoming robo-signer themselves just to take advantage of the chaos of the biggest Fraud in the history of the world.

Recently I heard a comment from the Frenchs, saying Americans are so civilized that they don’t even make a sound when the Oil companies raise the price of gas to $5.00 per gallon.

The French recently protested the raise of the gasoline price by rioting on the streets and burning tires. In America, we are so civilized that we don’t even know who own our mortgage. We don’t even know how the Federal Reserve works. We don’t even know how the banking system works. We don’t even teach our children how to balance a check book. Americans are too busy watching football, baseball, basketball, dancing with the stars, American Idol, and every show on TV until we drop dead in the couch after 6 to 8 hours of TV a day that we don’t even know what day it is. Then they can not wait to empty their wallets every Sunday at the movies. Every week, I heard the record braking of every new Hollywood release by the 65 million dollars. Wow! what economy?

The truth as we know it. No matter how much money any government agency settled with the crooks, the American People will never see a dime. First, because it is just to show they are doing something. Second, we never hear about it again and we don’t know if the crooks ever paid. Finally, we never know if any agency collected the money and if they put the money for a good use or a good cause.

Let’s see just for the heck of it, of all the billions of dollars the FEDS had settled in the last five years with all the banking institutions, from BOA, to our old friend Maddox. From Country Wide to Citibank or any lizard out there who claimed to have settled from Millions to Billions. How much money can you show me in the books that are being used to help the victims of those crooks, the home owners, the investors, the teachers, the fire fighters, the policemen, the blue collar employees who works for peanuts, and had lose their jobs?

Now, all we hear is the aftermath of the debt ceiling settlement. First, the Dow Jones going down more than 500 points in one day. Everyone is talking about the down graded of the phony triple AAA rating that has been in this country for over 100 years. Let’s see, if I don’t make a payment of my bills, my credit score goes down more than 100 points. If the US Government does not pay their bills and borrow more than 75 Trillion Dollars in less than 90 years, they still have a triple AAA credit rating. Uhmmm….. very interesting! How it is that all of the suddenly after agreeing with the debt ceiling, their credit rating gets affected? Was this also planned or is this another way to say to the American people, Americans get ready for a double dipping inflation. from now on. expect interest rates rise, food price rise, gas price rise, and of course, as expected, more millions of people without employment and more millions of people losing their homes in foreclosure. What a ripple effect we all are looking forward to see in the next 2 or 3 years. So if you ever wonder, when will America recuperate this economy? Don’t hold your breath, because the way we are going, we will not last until Christmas this year.

The message is loud and clear, if you want to do something for yourself, your love ones, your neighbors, your friends and the fellow human being out there, you better start caring, because if you don’t, guess what Mr. American, you are next and they are coming to get you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

What is really sad, you will do nothing because you are waiting for somebody else to do something. Since no one will do anything, this is why they will do whatever they want because they already know you are going to do nothing.

I already did something. I am writing you and the whole country to learn, to get involve, to care for yourself, to care for your fellow human being, to protest even if it is in a civilized way, to organize, to share the knowledge, to fight back, because if you don’t, you will be dust in the wind, and you will never know you were here.

God Bless You and God Bless America,

A Concern Citizen


h/t Flex