The Forecloser

John Oliver gets the scoop on a Florida couple and rookie lawyer who foreclosed on Bank of America and turns their incredible story into a movie.

Now this is what I call comedy…

If there is such a thing in the world of Fraudclosures…

From the original story…

Bank of America pays debt instead of losing furniture

Two Collier County sheriff’s deputies and a creditor’s attorney arrived this morning at the Naples business, ready to start hauling away furniture to satisfy an unpaid debt.

After meeting with the deputies for about an hour, the debtor finally cut a check to cover the debt.

It’s a common occurrence in economically beaten-down Southwest Florida — except that the deadbeat company was Bank of America.

The creditors were Maureen and Warren Nyerges, a Golden Gate couple who bought their home from Bank of America for $165,000 two years ago.

Court documents show that the bank mistakenly sued them for foreclosure and didn’t admit its mistake until late last year.

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