Bondi and Atwater’s ties to LPS and the title industry are very strong

Contributions directly related to LPS:

Fidelity National Financial    (Atwater, 3/1/07; Bondi, 10/18/2010)
Fidelity National Title Co. of California  (Atwater, 3/1/07)
Fidelity National Title Insurance Co. (Atwater, 3/1/07)
Fidelity National Title Co. of NY (Atwater, 3/1/07)
Fidelity National Financial Inc. – FLA PAC (Bondi, 10/18/2010, 3/31/2010)
Fidelity Asset Management (Bondi, 6/23/2010)

First American Title Insurance Co. (Atwater, 11/19/07) now affiliated w/ Fidelity National Title Insurance
Chicago Title Co. (Atwater, 3/1/07)
Chicago Title Insurance Co. (Atwater, 3/1/07)
Chicago Title & Trust (Bondi, 10/18/2010)
Chicago Title & Trust (Bondi, 6/23/2010)

Alamo Title Holding Co. (Atwater, 3/1/07; Bondi, 10/18/2010)
Alamo Title Holding Co. (Bondi, 6/23/2010)

LSI Title Agency Inc., Irving, TX (Bondi, 10/18/2010)

Lender Processing Services (Bondi, 6/23/2010)
LPS Agency Sales & Posting (Bondi, 2010)

LPS-related contributors:

Jerome W. Jacquot – former Bondi staffer, now working for LPS, donated to Bondi’s campaign

Atwater:  Title Industry of Florida PAC

Holland & Knight (LPS’ in-house counsel) donated to both Bondi and Atwater


LPS Default Title and Closing – offices in CA, NY, MI, AZ
For more information,  visit


LPS – Agency Sales and Posting:  foreclosure publication, posting and auctioneer services for attorneys and trustees.

Chicago Title Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial
601 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville,FL 32204

Alamo Title Holding Co. – Fidelity National Financial

LSI Title Agency Inc., listed as “Irving, Tx. in Bondi campaign contributors

Atwater:  Title Industry of Florida PAC

Other common Atwater/Bondi contributors:

Atwater:  Brent W. Sembler
Bondi:  Brent W. Sembler Family Trust, Brent W. Sembler, Melvin Sembler, Betty S. Sembler

Holland & Knight (in-house counsel for LPS)

Frankly, it seems as though the “Lender Processing Services” organization, recognizing the feeding at the foreclosure trough is coming to an end because of investigations into their robosigning of hundreds of thousands of fraudulent documents, has now created a network of companies who will take advantage of the sales of the foreclosed properties by organizing sales by banks and trustees to “preferred buyers.”


h/t Liz