Assistant attorney general resigns after blasting department

An assistant attorney general in the Tampa Economic Crimes Division has resigned the day after he wrote a 16-page memo criticizing the department.

Andrew Bennett Spark said he didn’t want to comment any further, but did acknowledge that he resigned on Wednesday.

Spark said he had received no feedback within the department and did not give a reason for his resignation.

I am sure there is more to this according to his letter…

He would not of closed it out like this if he was planning to “resign” the next day…

After 7 ½ years in the Division of Economic Crimes, more than 10 years in private practice handling consumer protection litigation, and with a business degree from Wharton, I am far more qualified than the three defense attorneys that comprised the consumer protection component of the transition team to help make the Economic Crimes Division all it should be to protect the consumers and legitimate business in the State of Florida. I look forward to using those qualifications to continue to work within our office –and in service to Attorney General Bondi -to making the office better. 

More to come as I get it…




RELEASE: From Andrew Bennett Spark, Assistant Attorney General, Tampa Economic Crimes

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