Florida attorney general faces managerial challenges

THE ISSUE: A stumble for Florida’s attorney general.

A misstep that raises questions about her managing skills is just about the last thing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi needs right now. Unfortunately, that’s the cloud now hanging over the AG, who is still in her first year in office.

In May, Bondi’s office dismissed June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, two foreclosure fraud attorneys who won national acclaim and a $2 million settlement for exposing lending fraud. The AG’s office initially said the two were let go due to problems relating to analysis of legal issues, judgment and professionalism. The move prompted the two women to go public in accusing the agency of playing politics, and in releasing their annual evaluations, which were exemplary.

If that weren’t enough, another attorney in the AG’s office left for a job as senior vice president with a mortgage processing firm that is under investigation by Bondi’s office. The firm had also contributed to Bondi’s 2010 campaign. The press also received a memo from a former employee who accused one of Bondi’s top deputies of interfering with a case involving a prominent Tampa businessman whose lawyer was on Bondi’s transition team.

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