Please People!

Take a moment to send thanks and encouragement to Eric Schneiderman & his staff who are aggressively investigating fraudclosure and felony land record fraud.

As is anyone who stands up and speaks out against TBTF predatory and criminal acts against Americans, Mr. Schneiderman is being attacked.

Remember that he is an elected official who is actually representing the people who elected him instead of the financial institutions!  A rarity indeed who must be thanked and encouraged.

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NYAG Eric Schneiderman Pushes Back After Being Kicked Off Mortgage Abuse Investigation

BY Celeste Katz

After being pushed off a national panel of state attorneys general looking into subprime mortgage abuses, Eric Scheiderman is basically telling the guys who ousted him where to file their briefs.

As we noted in Wake-Up Call, Reuters reported that Schneiderman, a Democrat in his first term as AG, “has voiced concerns over a proposed settlement between major banks and a coalition of federal and state officials over claims of foreclosure abuses. He has come under increasing pressure to approve the deal.”

Schneiderman is certainly framing himself as the good guy in this situation — someone who wants to delve deeply into mortgage irregularities instead of simply reaching a fast settlement and getting the whole thing over with.

In an email to campaign supporters today, which came with the subject line “Standing Up For You,” he wrote:

“You might have been following the latest developments related to the national settlement of the mortgage probe, including this story in today’s Huffington Post about our tough fight for a comprehensive resolution to this crisis.

“Let me tell you directly: I am deeply committed to pursuing a full investigation into the misconduct that led to the collapse of America’s housing market, and to seeking a resolution that gives homeowners meaningful relief, allows the housing market to begin to recover, and gets our economy moving again.

“Our ongoing investigation into the housing crisis cannot be shut down to accommodate efforts to settle quickly and give banks and others broad immunity from further legal action. If you have any thoughts or concerns about this critical issue, please contact me at 1-800-771-7755, or send a message via Facebook or Twitter.”


Please everyone, we must support this man. He is our last hope on a national level.

Craft your own words or here’s a sample script to say when you call or to copy & paste when you email:

Thank you all at the NY AG’s office for standing up to predatory banks who are dispossessing, foreclosing, and evicting millions of American families by committing mortgage servicing fraud, securities fraud, modification fraud, felony land record fraud, property conveyance fraud, and fraud upon our courts across the nation.  The impact to our economy of tens of millions of American properties with clouded titles and defiled land records has not even begun.

Please continue this important work.  Please do not let the attacks and push back by the financial industry and their corrupt puppets in positions of power impede your office’s work aimed at protecting citizens from the criminal and predatory acts that have greatly harmed us all.

Now get to work Citizen Warriors!

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