Mortgage Fraud

American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.
Lender Processing Services

Action Date: August 23, 2011
Location: Jacksonville, FL

On August 23, 2011, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Lender Processing Services (“LPS”).

The suit alleges that LPS employees improperly signed more than 30,000 mortgage documents. This allegation is like a confession from George Washington that he ate a few cherries from the cherry tree.

The work of County Recorders Jeff Thigpen (NC), John O’Brien (MA) and Curtis Hertel, Jr. (MI) shows that the problem with LPS documents far exceeds 30,000 mortgage documents.

Foreclosure fraud activists in Florida are preparing maps modeled on the Guilford County map prepared by Guilford County Recorder Jeff Thigpen showing every property in the county that may have a chain-of-title problem because of LPS-prepared mortgage documents, including mortgage assignments, affidavits used in foreclosures, and mortgage satisfactions.

The maps will be presented to state and federal officials who are conducting investigations of fraud by banks and mortgage servicing companies.

To view the Thigpen Map, see below…



Thigpen Map of Guilford County