Bobbi Swann says:

Here’s my email that I sent to all reps in the house: (Oh and a copy to Ms. Kathleen)


To All Members of the Florida House of Representatives:

First of all let me state that I am a Florida resident of over 33 years, a registered voter, self-employed and a homeowner. I am also fighting not one, but two foreclosures currently on my own residence and that of my daughter’s residence of which I am on title.

The above mentioned Act, which is being presented by Kathleen Passidomo, is without a doubt intended to bypass the Due Process of Law. While some parts of it have some merit other parts are left to interpretation and that leads to injustice for the people of the state of Florida. Far too long the courts have been clogged with the foreclosures as far back as 2006; however, this clog in the line was predicated upon by the manufacturing of fraudulent documents served upon the court system by the plaintiffs. Investigations led by the Attorney’s General office has already concluded this fact and in some cases have already made settlements with certain law firms that were associated with this fraudulent activity. Plaintiffs that cannot provide proof of ownership of a mortgage or a note under Florida Statutes must not be allowed to foreclose and this goes much deeper than the court system. Our court system is broken and plagued with forgeries, fraud, non-compliance with the laws and to wit go without any prosecution of such criminal activity against those who perpetrated such acts. Countless times foreclosures have been filed by multiple plaintiffs against one property all claiming to have ownership and all the while documents have been presented and accepted by the courts as being valid.

Homes, not abandoned, have been broken into and property has been disposed; process servers are falsifying testimony as to the delivery of foreclosure notices; foreclosures filed on properties that have no mortgage whatsoever; properties which have been foreclosed and sold to other parties only to find that another party was the actual owner of the mortgage and payment of that mortgage was never rendered; chain of title on properties that have been forever broken. I could list more of the tragedies of this crisis but time permitting I want to get to the real point of this act coming before the House.

The author of this bill is one who professes to be representative of the people of her district, when she has looked to none other than the attorneys representing the banks who continue to commit these acts of fraud upon the courts to assist her in the composition of this bill. Her ‘panel’ of experts to assist her in this quest is looking out, not for the consumers or the residents of this state, but for the banks who have brought upon this state and this country a ponzi scheme of greed and lust. Cutting corners and depriving the state of filing fees and creating a massive recording system of MERS to circumvent the land system is an outrage. Let’s also discuss her public voicing on help from the banks or lenders. She talks of modifications and the insistence of people in trouble not opening their mail and responding to the lenders when financial troubles are on the horizon. Let me make it perfectly clear that the citizens of this state are not ignorant people – they have just been fed so much propaganda and misled by the banks/lenders, media and the government that they are now educating themselves to a higher standard of education. People were duped by the lenders to “miss” payments in order to qualify for a modification and told to ignore letters in the mail. I know this for a fact since my own lender did the exact thing. However, since my career has been in lending I was aware of the consequence of such an action and the result and direction that the lender was moving towards and I contacted a government agency to intervene. Lenders do not want modifications and that has been made perfectly clear with past programs instituted by the federal government that have miserably failed. They failed not because the consumers did not want them; they failed because it was more profitable for the banks/lenders to continue on the path of foreclosure and gaining more and more of the wealth and power of this country.

I am attaching a link to a video below of the author of this bill and in the hopes that you will glean the same conclusion as I and thousands of other residents of this state have concluded – this woman is totally clueless as to what is really happening in this crisis. The mere fact that she made a previous statement with regards to an 11 year old girl deserving to be raped by 18 men simply because of the way she was dressed and all the while blaming the parents to allow such a child to dress that way is beyond all comprehension!!! The fact is that the banks/lenders have been raping the American public for years and it has become more prolific and out in the open now with the massive bursting of property values.

If all of you indeed are elected to represent the people of your districts you will negate this act altogether. It only profits the banks further and erodes the broken system as it stands. Yes, we need legislation to help correct the problem but that legislation needs to start where the problem lies – and that would be with the court system serving justice in accordance with Florida Statutes. Serving justice would mean criminal charges and not just fines that serve no other purpose other than filling the pockets of the undeserved.

We have, according to several polls, been designated as one of the top five states in corruption, we are at the bottom of the 50 state list for education, we are in the top 11 for unemployment rank and overall healthcare we are in the 40% range nationwide. With this in mind who would want to move or live in Florida? And you should ask yourselves that question because as population deceases so does the need for representation.

Elections are coming upon us fast. I am therefore, hopeful for this state that all of you will reject this bill/act and move forward and towards the right direction in a resolve that is beneficial to those whom you represent – the people of the state of Florida.

Thank you.


I encourage EVERYONE to do the same…