Bank of America has stopped foreclosing

Apparently waiting for a legal resolution, no new trustee sales advertised

ReconTrust, the Bank of America subsidiary that the Utah Attorney General’s office has called an illegal company, scheduled its final trustee sale in Summit County for Oct. 11.

Utah law only permits attorneys or title companies with a physical presence in the state to execute foreclosure sales. ReconTrust has only a national charter, and therefore cannot legally foreclose in Utah and many other states. But it has carried out hundreds of foreclosures in Summit County alone. In court, the company has argued its status makes it exempt from Utah law.

But without waiting for a final judgment on all the pending cases in federal court, the company posted its final legal notice of a trustee sale with The Park Record on Aug. 3. The sale is scheduled for Oct. 11.

Armand Howell with the Salt Lake City law firm that scheduled the sale said he was not permitted to comment on the situation. Bank of America did not comment on the issue.

Nor would Scott Troxel, spokesperson for the Attorney General, say whether his office had anything to do with it.

The company stopped listing sales in Salt Lake County at around the same time.

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