The Market Ticker – Mass Joinder Update: Holy Moly


Ok, now it’s getting real.  In the lead we have the “first report” from the receiver that went in under California’s aegis and seized files and such as I reported a while back.  It’s a doozy; the key conclusion is here:

But that’s not all, as they say.  Oh no, Stein has filed two 42 USC 1983 lawsuits in response to this action by California.  For those unfamiliar this is the “nuclear” lawsuit option when you go after the government; that’s the deprivation of civil rights under color of law or authority card, and he’s playing it.  His salient statement:

3. The nearly 300 plaintiffs in this case represent U.S. citizens from California, Florida and New York who have hired Mitchell J. Stein & Associates LLP (and various lawyers who are it co-counsel) to represent them in lawsuits that have been filed –or will be filed — against Bank of America and 13 other financial institutions that have committed various types of mortgage fraud and then stolen, or tried to steal, the homes of these plaintiffs in violation of state and federal laws. On August 17, 2011 California Attorney General Kamala Harris grossly violated plaintiffs’ civil rights by seizing their legal files and denying them the right to the legal counsel of their choice. She did so under the cover of secrecy without any public airing of the facts, without proper court approval, without naming plaintiffs in her suit, without naming the LLP in her suit, and thus without allowing either plaintiffs or their counsel or any court a chance to respond. She did so based on an inadequate investigation and cited demonstrably false accusations against attorney Mitchell J. Stein. And she did so at the behest of Bank of America, whose attorneys are deeply alarmed by the substantive progress Mr. Stein has achieved in the plaintiffs’ mass joinder cases against the bank, to the point that these attorneys have – in the utmost example of governmental corruption — funneled money to the Defendants in order to persuade Harris to make this unprecedented move.

Evidence please.

Oh wait, he asserts he has some….

102. The very week Trial Judge Highberger rejected Bank of America lawyers’ criticisms of Mr. Stein – the Judge calling Mr. Stein a victim, not a perpetrator –these same lawyers who have been pummeled by Mr. Stein then ignored Judge Highberger and secretly funneled money into the Defendants’ campaign coffers as a predicate to induce Defendants to take the illegal, fraudulent actions of seizing records of a person without prior judicial authority.


I ain’t a lawyer, but in my non-lawyerly opinion this fits the description of “s$!t just got real” to a “T”.

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