LINK – Lawsuit claims that Florida’s largest foreclosure firm faked documents

Aug 3, 2010 I haven’t seen any widespread problem,” Sasser said.
The same Judge Meenu Sasser who’s office was found to have been engaging in improper…/lawsuit-claims-that-floridas-largest-foreclosure-firm-faked-839393.html

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“I haven’t seen any widespread”


Although the link above is not directly linked to the case below, it goes to show that Sasser didn’t see any “widespread problems” with fraud in foreclosures…


4th DCA bars affidavit over failure to verify

The 4th DCA also tossed out a disciplinary action against Ice and his firm, Legal Ice in Royal Palm Beach.

Ice had presented an affidavit from a document review expert that didn’t sit well with Sasser. The expert testified that it was hard to prove if the note presented by the lender at the hearing was the original document, as required by law. Ice asked the judge for more time to make a technical analysis of the note to determine that it wasn’t a “mere” copy of the original document, he said.

“Judges across the state have a tendency to believe that when they see blue ink on a signature, that is the original note” and make a decision based on a document that could be a copy, he said.

Sasser rejected Ice’s argument and entered sanctions against Ice Legal at the request of LaSalle, which called the action a frivolous claim.

The judge ordered Ice Legal to pay the lender’s attorney fees. The 4th DCA reversed the sanctions against the Ice firm.


4th DCA bars affidavit over failure to verify

In a ruling favoring two Palm Beach County homeowners, a state appeals court Wednesday disallowed an affidavit submitted to a trial judge in support of a foreclosure case. The court found a loan servicer failed to verify the amount owed on a delinquent mortgage.

Tom Ice, the attorney who represented homeowners Gary and Anita Glarum, said the 4th District Court of Appeal ruling could benefit thousands Florida homeowners facing foreclosure.

Ice said he believes the decision is the first by a Florida appeals court in a case concerning flawed affidavits in foreclosure cases.

Ice had argued that Palm Beach Circuit Judge Meenu Sasser last year erred in granting a judgment to LaSalle Bank based on an affidavit signed by a person who had no personal knowledge of who owned the Glarums’ note and how much the couple owed.

The decision says, ‘We are not going to put up with that, and we are insisting that you have personal knowledge,’??” Ice said. “This court ruled against robo-signing.”

Robo-signing is when bank or loan-servicing employees sign foreclosure affidavits in support of summary judgments without personal knowledge of the cases. That violates state court rules.

When the robo-signing controversy broke a year ago, foreclosures across the country almost came to a halt as lenders sought to sort out their document handling processes.

Robo-signing has played a key role in the ongoing foreclosure crisis.

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