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Paralyzed Oregon man, living on $22,000 a month and able to pay, fights foreclosure

Robert Galanida was a skinny teenager when a drunken driver rammed the pickup he was riding in, hurtling him to the blacktop and paralyzing him from his shoulders down.

With the help of multimillion-dollar legal and insurance settlements, he and his mother now live comfortably on annuity payments of $22,000 a month.

So they are at a loss as to why his mortgage servicer, Bank of America, has repeatedly tried to evict him from his Tualatin home. Custom-built 14 years ago for less than $400,000, it boasts wide halls and doorways to accommodate his wheelchair and an air purification system to keep his body temperature and breathing in check.

How did someone who could so clearly afford a $4,800 monthly loan payment fall so far behind?

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