HOW had DUVALL’s three year legal battle……suddenly become MOOT ???
How was the “CASE of the CENTURY” …..suddenly and quietly dismissed ???
Well it appears that Wells Fargo and US Bank decided to satisfy (pay in FULL) the Duvall mortgage once they realized that this case would be scrutinized at the highest Level…


FAIL | Ohio Supreme Court’s Shocking Decision in Landmark Case U.S. Bank National Assoc. v. Antoine Duvall et al. CASE DISMISSED as MOOT

A Simple question was before the OHIO SUPREME COURT JUSTICES:

To have STANDING, as a plaintiff, in a mortgage foreclosure action, must a party show that it owned the NOTE and the MORTGAGE when the complaint was filed?

OHIO’s highest court  – took the easy way out  – with a simple one page ruling  (HERE) which completely avoids succinctly resolving this issue and now leaves a number of identical cases and litigation – still before them. We had heard from a multiple of sources, attorneys, and “insiders”…. that this was the best and easiest “way-out” and a “back- door” solution for Ohio’s Highest Court and Judges. The court – once again “buried” their no decision on the LAST PAGE of a 15 page document
HERE – on the fifteenth and last page under MISCELLANEOUS DISMISSALS)

The MOOTNESS decision was a predicated result, after a well planned out and orchestrated effort to get this case “Kicked.” You see US Bank NA had failed in their three (3) previous attempts to FRAUDulently foreclose  – on the DUVALLS (with a phony undelivered and improperly indorsed note along with a post filing FRAUDulent robo-signed mortgage assignment)

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