“I want to make sure that we have an efficient process so we don’t create a reason for banks or whoever wants to lend money not to lend money in Florida,” Scott said.


Scott open to taking courts out of foreclosure process

Gov. Rick Scott said Wednesday he is open to the idea of taking the courts out of the state’s foreclosure process.

It could be a significant move in state that had the second-highest foreclosure filings in the country in August and a backlog of more than 260,000 foreclosure cases in the courts.

A House member is preparing a bill that would move Florida closer to a non-judicial foreclosure system that will be considered when lawmakers meet in their annual session in January. But despite backing from the Florida Bankers Association, similar legislation has failed in the last two sessions.

Nonetheless, Scott said he and lawmakers should look at how a non-judicial foreclosure process could work in Florida since 30 other states are using a similar system.

Scott said improving the system could help revive the state’s slumping housing market and economy.

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