This is a study of the  DOCX mortgage assignments in just one county – Palm Beach County, FL.

In just 18 months, 1,742 such assignments were filed with a total value of mortgages of $560,239,797.

Most of these assignments transferred mortgages to residential mortgage-backed trusts.

Deutsche Bank was the number one beneficiary.

The trusts that most often used these forged documents were:

American Home Mortgage Asset Trusts
American Home Mortgage Investment Trusts
Soundview Home Loan Trusts
Option One Mortgage Loan Trust
HSI Asset Securitization Trusts

When considering also the assignments from LPS/MN and from LPS Network Law firm – David Stern – nearly $2 billion in mortgages were transferred in just 18 months in one county.

Lynn E. Szymoniak, Ed., Fraud Digest, October 3, 2011

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Following the Money – The Beneficiaries of Fraudulent Mortgage Assignments

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Very Long List of Assignments by Book & Page Number

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