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‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement stages first rally in Palm Beach County

LAKE WORTH — The “Occupy” movement staged its first rally in Palm Beach County Saturday, drawing about 250 people, who addressed an array of concerns about today’s society, most of which they say lead to one place – Wall Street.

Brenda Berish, 62, a retired teacher from Lake Worth, stood on the stage at Bryant Park discussing her concerns with other protesters.

“I’m here to support all Americans who feel that Wall Street, the banks and lobbyists have too much influence in Washington,” she said. “We have to regulate Wall Street. They have shown they are not honest. They need some rules to follow.”

Nearby stood Tom Holden, 74, of West Palm Beach holding a poster that said: “Keep Corporations out of Elections.” His wife, Jane, 74, stood next to him with a companion sign: “Corporations are not people.”

They said they were there to protest the 2010 Supreme Court decision that gave corporations and labor unions the right to fund broadcast ads for or against specific candidates in the days leading up to an election. That had previously been illegal.

“What the Supreme Court said was the corporations are people,” said Tom Holden. “Well corporations aren’t people. This is just a way to allow corporations to basically buy elections.”

“There is a movement to amend the constitution that will reverse what was decided and say corporations are not people,” said Jane Holden. “We support that movement.”

Rob Gorman, 56, of Boca Raton, agreed.

“I think the one issue that unites the people here it is getting corporate money out of politics,” he said. “We need to drain the swamp.”

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