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Hello world, hello protestors. This is a message from anonymous. This is a message to the 99 percent. This is a message to the American Autumn. It is clear that from the beginning of this movement we have been censored. Despite the fact that, massive demonstrations, were planning to occupy wallstreet, we were ignored in the media. Despite the fact that the protestors were flocking from every corner of the nation to join the protest they remained silent. However, the era of the internet is upon us. The power to circumvent the mass media has become trivial. You are paper tigers, and we are a scorching wildfire. The elites have been forced to recognize the movement, they have been forced to stand against us. And so began the campaign to mock us. We are dirty, homeless, unAmerican, stupid, voiceless, disorganized, violent. We are a mob, we are young, foolish, liberal, unemployed. We are leeches, parasites, anarchists, brainwashed. We are communists, dangerous, untrustworthy, rabble rousers, terrorists. However, despite the frantic and desparate moves by the elites to slander this movement, despite their vain efforts to curtail and skew our image, we have shattered through ther lies. The truth was spread, the lies were snuffed out. We will not be set aside by mere insults and disgusting propaganda. We are the people, and this is what democracy looks like. The elites now are being pushed up against the walls. They are resorting to their trump cards, and the strong arms have arrived. The camps of boston have been raided. The camps of San Francisco have been dispersed. The protests in New York have been violently curtailed and beaten. The protests in Seattle are on the verge of being raided by riot police. This is the final step in our strategy. A famous man once said that at first they will ignore you. Then they will mock you. Thirdly they will fight you. And then you win. There is nothing you can do. There are no more moves to make, this is checkmate. The game is over wall street. You fell into our trap, you repeated history. You planted the seeds for civil dissent, and now you will watch as what you reap is sowed, you will watch as the entire country blossoms and you are consumed. All the dominos are falling, and you will watch as one by one we prevail. The protestors have won. Stop your vain efforts, the wildfires are all around you. Stop preparing for revolution. Its upon you.