Gov. Scott’s plan to speed foreclosure process draws mixed reactions

DAYTONA BEACH — Gov. Rick Scott wants to improve the state’s housing market by removing the courts from the foreclosure process, a move supporters say will help prevent long delays.

Critics say removing the courts from the process would give too much power to lenders and removes protection needed by homeowners. Plus, courts would lose more than half of their funding received from foreclosure fees.

Scott and Republican leaders in the House and Senate have expressed interest in changing the process this year, although specifics have yet to be determined.

State lawmakers last year did not pass a bill to change the process.

“Right now it takes more than 600 days to get through a foreclosure,” said Lane Wright, Scott’s press secretary, in an email. “That’s just too long. When foreclosures take that long, fewer people want to lend money to homebuyers and the market can’t recover.”

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