Citizens Group to Host Massive Foreclosure Defense Workshop

SARASOTA – The Mortgage Justice Group will host  a free day-long foreclosure defense workshop next Saturday (October 15). Titled, “Save Your Home,” the event will include a free screening of the Academy Award-winning movie, Inside Job (editor’s review). The group, an organization of citizens helping citizens in foreclosure, is attempting to educate homeowners and citizens, not only of their own rights, but also on a host of critical issues surrounding

Mr. Henry P. Trawick, Jr., author of Trawick’s Florida Practice and Procedure, will be the keynote speaker, with a speech titled “The Foreclosure Mess.” April Charney, a nationally-known foreclosure defense attorney from Jacksonville Legal Aid, and hero to many as the Mother Theresa of foreclosure defense, has also joined the lineup.

Ms. Charney has characterized banks as “court interlopers [who] might as well be wearing a ski mask and carrying an Uzi for as much right as they have to force homeowners out of their homes”:  fighting words that have given hope to tens of thousands of frightened Florida homeowners facing foreclosure.

In foreclosure fraud, “If Mr. Trawick is Pavarotti, April Charney is Mick Jagger,” said author and activist Liz Courson.

Trawick and  Charney will be joined by a bevy of other prominent foreclosure defense attorneys, experts, and activists, including noted Tampa attorney Matt Weidner; Lane Houk, forensic mortgage expert; and Lisa Epstein, foreclosure activist and owner of the nationally-known website,, all of whom will speak about foreclosure defense-related topics.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune staff writer Michael Braga will also speak at the event and there will be numerous local attorneys on hand to answer questions about the latest news and foreclosure defense strategies, as well as proposed changes to mortgage/foreclosure laws in the 2011-2012 session of the Florida legislature.

The event will be held at the Unity Church of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Road, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (map)

SOURCE: The Bradenton Times

If you live in Florida, (and beyond?) be there or be homeless…

I’ll be there, will you?


The time is NOW.