British buyers still interested in Florida, London broker says

Falling home prices have frightened the bejeebers out of American buyers, but Brits don’t scare so easily. That’s good news for sellers in Florida, which remains a popular destination for Brits looking for a second home.

Unlike Americans, who hadn’t experienced a drop in home prices for more than 60 years, Brits have seen prices rise and fall several times in recent decades.

“We’ve been on a roller coaster of boom and bust since the war, and so I think Brits have gotten used to cycles,” said Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty in London.

Unfortunaly this is not a boom and bust cycle here in the U.S.

It is the unraveling of a PONZI scheme that is going to get much worse.

Maybe you all should warn Mr. Churton or Mayfair International Realty in London.

Email Nick Churton at

Hate to see his clients buy properties that are still grossly overvalued, or even worse, with TOXIC TITLES.

Full report from the PB Post here…