Eviction in Colorado photographer John Moore: It’s hard to ‘stand there and watch’

In a stunning visual essay about the one family reeling from foreclosure, John Moore of Getty Images photographed a Colorado family’s eviction from their home last week. The resulting gallery was one of the most-viewed items on washingtonpost.com, and hundreds of readers wrote in with questions about the family, their situation and how Moore managed to take such intimate photographs in the fraught moments of the foreclosure.

Brandie Barbiere said she had stopped making mortgage payments on the home 11 months earlier, after she lost more than half her home child-care business because of the economy. Last Wednesday, a deputy from the Weld County sheriff’s department showed up to evict the family. Moore was tagging along with the sheriff’s department as part of a longer-term project for Getty on the national housing crisis.

Chase Milam, 1, watches as an eviction team removes household belongings. (John Moore/Getty Images)

An eviction team member removes a playpen from a house as a sheriff’s deputy steps over children.
(John Moore/Getty Images)

You can view the entire gallery here…

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