Flash Point, Martial law, and Our Next President

And now we have a martyr, Scott Olsen, the first serious casualty in what Wall Street calls “class warfare”. But it is really just us against them, good old fashioned hard-working American citizens versus the evil, murderous, global plutocracy.

Sure, they have their enforcers, and some of the police, and maybe, just maybe some active duty military, but now we have an army too.

If only it would have been one of those crack-smoking, scruffy looking, unemployed bus-boys with a criminal record as long as your arm that the media keeps describing as typical of occupiers.

But no! It had to be a good looking, highly intelligent, gainfully employed, puppy loving marine who survived serving his country in Iraq only to be gunned down in the streets of Oakland while exercising the very rights he thought he was defending when he sacrificed himself on foreign soil. Irony is everywhere.

He has done more to serve his country here than he ever did in Iraq and he will forever be a hero to Americans who learn the real truth behind the unrest. I pray for his full recovery.

And you can join him and express your appreciation by simply showing up or sending a donation or forwarding this email to those who want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Scott, here on the front lines, in 2011 America.

Oakland brown shirts to Scott Olsen, “Welcome home Scotty. Thanks for your service to the country. The Mayor wanted to give you the Key to The City but we thought a nearly fatal head wound would be more appropriate. And don’t come back.”

Things have changed here. Apparently the Constitution has been secretly suspended. The right to public assembly has been replaced by undeclared Martial law.

You can still protest, silently, where and when the brown shirts say. For your own safety we are removing your tents, tarps, generators, sleeping bags, and food so that you can experience elements that we would not subject a dog too. Cause we are all human.

You ask us to choose between exercising our constitutional rights and having a warm place to sleep? That shows that you are dumb beyond comprehension.

You thought we’d opt for comfort and massive quantities of high fructose corn syrup over our civil rights? You cannot freeze us out, or burn us out, or poison us out, or beat us into submission. You can blast our ear drums with your noise cannon and runs us over with your urban assault vehicles but more will come. Like Leinigen’s ants, there are too many of us to stop.

As they said in Vietnam, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” Now they have to suspend our democratic rights to uh, save democracy.

But this time they abused the wrong guy. I guess the brown shirts don’t know about Marines. I know a lot of Marines. You fuck with one and the “legion of doom” will pay a visit. Once a Marine always a Marine. Commitment is but one of three Corps values.

“Total dedication to Corps and Country. Gung-ho Marine teamwork. All for one, one for all. Marines never give up, never give in, never willingly accept second best. Excellence is always the goal. And, when their active duty days are over, Marines remain reserve Marines, retired Marines, or Marine veterans. There is no such thing as an ex-Marine or former-Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Commitment never dies.”

Lots of Marines are coming home to high unemployment and a rapidly declining standard of living. Choosing between Scott Olsen and Lloyd Blankfien will be easy for them. This time, you’ve gone too far. We are beyond where you ignored us. We have passed through the ridicule stage. Now you fight us. Soon we win.

There is something in the air and it isn’t just the brisk slap of frigid winter winds.  A bristly tension is crackling with energy as a global current of rage and desperation begins to strike like lightening around the world.

From the halls of Bank of America to the shores of Tripoli, from Madison Wisconsin to Ramona, California,  a ”mad as hell” sentiment is beginning to result in old fashioned sixties style boots on the ground.

Pushed too far, more and more citizens are rising up against their leaders and with good reason. Just here in America our leaders have failed us at every level, looting our country and destroying our lives so that they could live like royalty. I say if they want to be royalty, let’s treat them like Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.

When you evaluate the performance of our leaders over the last thirty years you are left to wonder, given all of the resources the American taxpayer has generously given to their control, and the level of secrecy they insist upon based on the need to protect us…how in the hell could things have ever gotten this bad?

I do not buy that they are all simply somewhere between grossly incompetent and boneheaded dumb.

After analyzing the federal budget, it is clear that the effectiveness of the programs and the general state of the American economy makes the status quo completely unsustainable.

You may believe that the bailout of Greece has succeeded in averting a global financial melt-down but it has not. The problem has been deferred for a few days or a few weeks but eventually the $1,000 trillion derivative problem will rise up again to confront a stark reality; all of the assets on the planet add up to only $165 trillion. Giving Greece a bailout is a tiny drop in a very large bucket…with a very big hole in the bottom.

As simply as I can say this, The Banks, nearly all of them, use funny accounting to show liabilities as assets and hide the real losses through something called “off balance sheet accounting”. Like ENRON only bigger. In other words, the only reason that B of A and others are still around is because they cook the books.

The economy would have collapsed whether a single homeowner ever took out a mortgage loan or not. It isn’t the defaulting mortgage loans that brought down the economy it was that many of the loans were completely fabricated and a single real mortgage would be secretly used as securities in numerous other pools.

There were never enough borrowers to fill all of the pools. That is why they kept pushing money at people and inflating appraisals. But it still wasn’t enough so they just made up loans and made the payments to the bond holders out of the stack of new money that kept flowing in.

The money lost on defaulted mortgages was a tiny fraction of the massive losses sustained and not yet fully tallied because the loan documents were used over and over again.

Bank of America has about $75 trillion in worthless derivatives. When investors finally connect the dots they will short B of A stock and force it into bankruptcy and I’ll bet that there are even default swaps predicated on B of A failing.

A few months ago I participated in a program at California State University San Marcos where a power point presentation was used to demonstrate what I can only describe as the horrifying consequences of the global financial fraud that are becoming more and more apparent in our everyday lives.

While the news media covers selected bits and pieces such as the jobs picture or health care, they do little to help American’s understand how these stories, and their details, link together to demonstrate that it is no exaggeration to say that as a country, we are way beyond broke and spending money that doesn’t exist.

The American middle class has been sucked dry and left with a tab that no one can afford because a lot of those corporate bonuses are just being charged to the equivalent of a government credit card. No one has the amount of money being funneled through these financial intermediaries.

Government at almost every level is a complete failure and the more money we spend the worse it gets. The problem is that no one in government has come up with a single idea beyond kick the can down the road. But this time there is a dead-end ahead.

The solution to our problem could not be more obvious. Stop exporting jobs and importing cheaply made merchandise, stop rebuilding other nations, bring the troops home and let’s put the whole damn country back to work repair what’s broken and building what we need for the future.

It’s time for us to spend our money on ourselves so that both our country and our children will have any future. What we must do is force to force the government to do now what it will have to do eventually anyway.

We may get frozen out but we will be back. This won’t get smaller with time, it will get bigger. It is global. Soon, many of America’s homeless will join for safety and community.

What a great opportunity for someone who wanted to be the President of The People.

None of the candidates have embraced the 99% referring to them as “mobs”, “socialists”, and admonishing them to get jobs.

Hey, Candidate To Be Named Later, articulate what they want for them and become a voice for their principals, punish the real criminals, restore people’s faith in America and the judiciary, restore middle class prosperity while spending the majority of our resources rebuilding the country we have ignored so long.

I don’t think there are enough people against that for the candidate to lose. To whom? We’ve seen enough of Barack. Love him or not, honey, you just ain’t getting it done. Next!

And the current field of Republican candidates causes me to start humming “Send in The Clowns.” Or Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is?”

I’m “Holdin’ Out For a Hero.” Someone who can capture and articulate the mood of the occupiers could easily be our next President. If not, the Flash Point is inevitable.

George W. Mantor
The Real Estate Professor
Founder, American Foreclosure Resistance Movement

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”  —  Mahatma Gandhi