Georgia Homeowner Wins 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Victory

Justice@Home Family (and all those fighting fraudulent foreclosures and wealth transfer),

While the battle continues, If you’ve not heard already, we have great news. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a United States District Court ruling which favored the banksters – New York Bank of Mellon Trust, GMAC, JP Morgan Chase, Et al.

Few believed that they could do it, but for the Madzimoyo who are representing themselves (pro se litigants) “fighting is winning.” Here’s what they predicted in April 2011:

This 11th Circuit ruling thwarts one of the banksters favorite strategies and paves the way for the home-owners to continue their suit to force the banksters to prove that they have standing. The 3-judge decision was delivered on Sept. 7, 2011 and was mandated on Oct. 12th (See key quote or entire order below.)

This 11th Circuit ruling is significant because it supported the homeowners contention that there were no federal questions in their complaint (a petition for a temporary restraining order (TRO)), and that the US District Court should have remanded the case back to DeKalb County, GA State Superior Court, as the Madzimoyos argued in their motion to have the case remanded (sent back) to state Court.

You can check out the rest with the ruling here…