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Seeking: NJ People With Credit Card, and/or Mortgage Issues

Just a quick all-points bulletin, and please excuse my use of this space to make up for research failures. I’m working on a pair of corruption stories and I’m looking for people who may have ended up having consumer problems with certain companies. I’m particularly interested in people from central and northern New Jersey. So I’m looking for people who had either of the following issues:

• Problems with a Chase credit card (or a Chase-related card, like for instance a Circuit City card). Especially if you had, or know someone who had, a court judgment over a delinquent Chase account, please drop me a note.

• A foreclosure involving a home loan originally issued by the now-defunct New Century Co.

Beyond that, I’m interested in hearing the stories of anyone who has had a particularly difficult tangle with any of the usual banking suspects (Chase, Bank of America, Citi, etc.), and has suffered serious financial problems as a result. Again, I’m interested in folks who live in northern New Jersey, Newark, Paterson, etc. Ultimately I’m going to be writing about the impact of the banks on these towns, so if you live in a place that’s seen major changes recently (mass foreclosures, problems with municipal financing, etc.), please also let me know.

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