POST EXCLUSIVE: Bondi keeps arm’s length from firing of foreclosure fraud investigators

By Kimberly Miller

The curt ousting of state foreclosure fraud investigators June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards is five months behind them. Yet an investigation into the May removal of the former assistant attorneys general is ongoing – three months old as of today .

Lauded in evaluations for their pursuit of foreclosure wrongdoing in a state crushed by home repossessions, the duo, along with two state lawmakers, have asked for an update on the investigation by the inspector general of the Florida Department of Financial Services.

While state officials don’t want to comment on an open inquiry, internal

emails sent after The Palm Beach Post reported the forced resignations reflect a scramble for evidence to justify the dismissals.

And as the national news briefly settled its attention on the expulsions, public records requested by The Post also revealed Attorney General Pam Bondi’s concern about their impact and her determination to show the firings were not her decision.

In one message, with a 1:22 a.m. time stamp, Bondi responds to a draft statement written by her chief of staff detailing how Clarkson and Edwards were let go with his approval and because of “shoddy legal work.”

“I can finally go to sleep now and quit worrying about how these women will attempt to destroy me tomorrow thanks to you,” Bondi wrote.

In another exchange about a statement to a newspaper, Bondi worries that it will lead readers to believe she knew more about the decision than she did.

“It sounds like I was briefed on the facts of the firing in advance, which is absolutely not the case,” she wrote. “I was notified by a two-minute phone call and did not even know the details, nor should I have needed to know.”

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