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Judge in Daytona targeted by man in foreclosure case

DAYTONA BEACH — Senior Judge Pope Hamrick handled a foreclosure case back in June, one of dozens.

The veteran jurist, a member of The Florida Bar for more than 40 years, ruled in favor of a bank in a foreclosure. Hamrick never expected that the person foreclosed upon, Patricio E. Sanchez, would file a lien and judgment against him in court.

But that’s just what happened. Patricio E. Sanchez

Hamrick was shocked to learn the lien — claiming a debt of $350,000 — was even recorded against him.

The man who filed it, Sanchez, 58, of Deltona is a registered sexual offender. Sanchez was immediately summoned back to court to explain why he “willfully filed and recorded the false and fraudulent liens and judgment.”

The judgments were filed against Hamrick and two attorneys who had represented Chase Home Finance in the foreclosure.

Sanchez was jailed for 179 days for contempt of court.

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$350,000 Judge Judgment