Here we go again. A few weeks ago, it was a view from the bench hosted by the foreclosure mills.

Now we have this seminar coming out of the 15th, which is Palm Beach County.

15th Judicial Circuit Residential Foreclosure Division  Legal Staff Training

This is an opportunity for  legal support staff and attorneys to communicate directly  with Court personnel.  This complimentary event will provide information about Court procedures from the practitioner’s perspective.

Funny thing is, we know a heck of a lot of foreclosure defense attorneys and not one that we have spoke to received this invitation.

Now, who would the court be holding this for? It isn’t struggling homeowners, nor does it appear to be for their attorneys.

This is something we must find out. What is the court system spending  your tax dollars on and whom is this seminar designed to train?

To find out, the following records request has been submitted today…

1. Relating to the complimentary Residential Foreclosure Division Legal Staff Training scheduled for Tuesday, December 6,2011 from 10:00am – 11:30am, including but not limited to:

a. determination of the need for foreclosure related legal training,
b. decision making process determining the subject of foreclosure related legal training
c. plaintiff bar, defense bar, and pro se conduct as a factor in the decision to provide complimentary legal training,
d. all related meeting minutes, process for choosing the date, time, and agenda,
e. how invitees were chosen,
f. design, printing, emailing, and display of promotional house keys flyer,
g. all email addresses for recipients of the flyer or invitation,
h. all emails sent and received, including RSVPs, dated up to November 9,2011 regarding the training

2. Relating to any other Residential Foreclosure Division Staff Training scheduled on any other date or time than December  6th, 2011 from 10:00am – 1 1 :30am.

We will let you know what we come up with…

Copy of the records request and invitation to the seminal is below…



Public Records Request 15th House Keys Legal Training


Residential Foreclosure Division Legal Staff Training