Recently as you know a “Banner” for the #occupy movement has been circulating.

A growing number of netizens that support #occupy have shown their support by displaying it.

And now another corner has been turned in this saga. We are likely about to see a rise in civil disobedience as arrogant authorities react instead of proact with the coming paradigm shift. Many people may pay a willing price of arrest to allow the TRUTH to be aired.  THEIR SACRIFICE NEEDS TO NOT BE SILENT.

Now I implore you and please please ask that you join with another fellow traveller,  “” and prominently display their COUNTER.  They are making sure the protesters sacrifice of arrest is being chronicled.  This is a natural companion “action” to the banner now in circulation; which is actually from a different contributor.

I installed it on the right side of the site below the donate button so check it out.

If you will and this is of critical importance, “Pass it On”, it will give “”  a real boost in knowing “They Are Not Alone”.

Thank you!

Counter Code:

<a target=”_new” href=”“><img src=”” alt=”Number of Occupy protesters arrested counter” style=”border:none;”></a>