Sitting in at Max Gardner’s UCC Seminar at New York Law School…

So, I’m sitting in a classroom at New York Law School, attending Max Gardner’s UCC-focused seminar.  It’s my second time going through this program, I was also at the last one, which was held at the University of La Verne Law School in Southern California back in September.

But you know me… I just cannot get enough in-depth presentation and discussion on the infinite number of nuances involved in the interpretation of Article 3 or Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code as applied to how notes are transferred or assigned.  I get goosebumps just thinking about it.  You know… some people like sports… others are into fashion… but me… heck, give me a room full of lawyers debating an arcane area of the law every single time.

Luckily, we’re on the 5th floor, so as soon as I post this, I plan to practice my swan dive.

Actually, I’m just kidding… anything Max does is always more than worth showing up for, and I’m learning a lot more this time around than last.  Last time I sort of showed up looking for the answer sheet, but this time I’m paying closer attention to the details because I’m starting to understand that it’s very likely the next frontier in the fight for homeowners.

The Permanent Editorial Board of the Uniform Law Institute (you know what that is if you listened to my recent podcast with attorney Thomas Cox), has just a few days ago published a paper rendering an opinion on the Article 3 v. Article 9 debate.  I called Max the day it came out and he said it does support his view… which is that it’s Article 9 that applies, and not Article 3.  Of course, the banksters say it’s Article 3, so that means… actually, I have no idea what that means… check back with me after tomorrow.

So… if you’re wondering why I’m writing this right now, as education is raining down all around me?  Well, it’s because this is like being at the All-Star Game of the foreclosure crisis.  It’s just packed with high profile lawyers and rock star bloggers… it’a really quite incredible.  The people in this room are many of the same folks you read about fighting for the rights of homeowners, or writing about the tragic and corrupt nature of the crisis.

First of all, my new partner-in-stopping-crime, Abigail Field is here, so we got to hang out and plot to fix the world.  We’ve been working together on several new things over the last few months… you’ll hear a lot more about them soon enough… but since she lives in New York we’ve been spending hours on the phone getting to know each other’s style and planning future efforts, so it’s been great to sit across the table and talk face to face.  That’s her below on the left.  Her mother, Paulann Sheets, is on the right and she’s a Boot Camp graduate lawyer who represents homeowners in Connecticut.  (I actually met Paulann last fall… we both went through Max’s Boot Camp the same week.)

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