Nebraska Fraudclosure Cover-Up

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Joann Rein, or perhaps a surrogate signor, executed an estimated tens of thousands of questionable documents filed in courts and land records across America. She works at Aurora Loan servicing in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska.

The Nebraska Secretary of State revoked Joann Rein’s notary commission in the summer of 2011.

The complaint and the entire file has been stipulated as confidential. Supposedly the only way this decision can be reversed is by order of the NE Attorney General. This is pure cover up!

We are searching for the citizen who filed the complaint to contact us at ForeclosureHamlet [at] gmail [dot] com .

All you Nebraska people, get on this one. Get the word out to the media and to activists and to citizens who want our elected officials to stop covering up for financial industry fraud. Transparency? Accountability? Call your Secretary of State and your Attorney General!

Here’s one case where a NJ judge spells it out in Aurora v Toledo.

On January 30, 2009, plaintiff purportedly obtained an assignment of the $320,000 note from Lehman and the mortgage securing that note.1 This assignment was signed by a person named Joann Rein, with the title of Vice-President of Mortgage Electronic Systems, Inc. (MERS). MERS was described in the assignment document as a “nominee for Lehman Brothers Bank.”

This document is discussed in greater detail later in the opinion.

There is an additional potential problem with this purported assignment. The assignment was not made by Lehman, as payee of the promissory notes secured by the mortgage, but rather by MERS, “as nominee for Lehman.” Although the notes and mortgages appointed MERS as Lehman’s nominee, Lehman filed a petition for bankruptcy protection in September 2008, see Andrew Ross Sorkin, Lehman Files for Bankruptcy; Merrill is Sold, N.Y. Times (Sept. 14, 2008), which was before the purported assignment of defendant’s mortgage and note on January 30, 2009.

Therefore, we question whether Lehman’s designation of MERS as its nominee remained in effect after Lehman filed its bankruptcy petition, absent ratification of that designation by the bankruptcy trustee. On remand, the trial court should address the question whether MERS was still Lehman’s nominee as of the date of its purported assignment of defendant’s note and mortgage to plaintiff.

Joann Rein Depo below



Full Deposition of Joann Rein Aurora Robo-signer Extraordinaire