Dear Attorneys General: If You Want to Be Re-elected, Sue the Banks

Dear Attorneys General:

If you want to be reelected–in those 41 states where voters get to have their say on how well you’re doing your job–you’d better get busy and indict some document fraudsters, or at least sue the big banks for their deceptive and deeply damaging practices. That’s because voters are catching on to just how above the law bankers believe they are. And if you don’t make a real effort to hold the banks accountable–NO, the “50 state” settlement Santa’s supposedly giving to the banks doesn’t count, as I’ll get to–if you don’t make a real effort to hold the banks to account, you’ll get voted out for any candidate that credibly promises accountability.

See, the gig is up. Large numbers of us 99% are beginning to understand “robosigning” is in fact “document fraud.” Large numbers of us are experiencing the banks’ lack of good faith in their interactions with us. Large numbers of us have been and are being repeatedly deceived by bank employees about loan modifications and foreclosure. (Sure, Bank of America has been really bad, but its practices are standard among the bailed out banks, as AG Coakley’s suit makes clear.) And our realization about the bankers’ deceptions cuts particularly deep because we in the 99% have consistently tried to do the “right” thing.

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