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Two homes in two different states.


FLORIDA FAMILY HOME (we are off to have a little chat with Wells Fargo & report back)

Wells Fargo Fraudclosure Action Flyer Dec 15

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Almost a dozen cops (including a paddy wagon) and an equal number of media outlets large and small descended upon an attempted eviction prevention action by 25 peaceful Occupy Youngstown & Occupy Cleveland members Thursday morning in Orwell, Ohio.

Fannie Mae plans to give a short reprieve to those in danger of being evicted over the holidays. Well …except those people scheduled TWO DAYS before the moritorium starts! Unfortunately for the CART family (Christine Cart, her Husband, and their two sons), they were forcibly removed from their home of 40 years by the sheriff, and will have to find some type of temporary shelter or accommodation with the temperatures in Orwell, Ohio (Ashtabula county) expected to dip below freezing.

More on this atrocity at OhioFraudclosure blog here.

Please call the Sheriff”s office to wish them happy Holidays
Ashtabula County Sheriff Department civil division: (440) 437-2187
non-emergency number: (440) 576-0055
and for Christmas Card mailings …to the Judge (who authorized eviction) please send to:
Judge Ronald Vettel
Ashtabula County Court of Common Pleas
25 West Jefferson Street
Jefferson, OH 44047