On foreclosure fraud, Bondi comes up short

All of America is suffering. But five states have been hit particularly hard by foreclosures — and foreclosure fraud.

In four of those five states, attorneys general have aggressively stood up for their constituents.

A.G.’s in Arizona, California, Michigan and Nevada have used everything from lawsuits to criminal subpoenas to go after the fraudsters trying to improperly evict families from their homes.

And then there’s Florida.

Here, the biggest news Pam Bondi’s office has made on the foreclosure front was for ousting two of her top fraud investigators.

Oh, and also when one of her top advisors left to work for a firm her office was investigating.

Something stinks. I’ve said so for months.

And now, as the Sentinel’s Mary Shanklin detailed in her Sunday story — “Bondi lax in pursuing big lenders amid foreclosure crisis, critics say” — more people are noticing the stench.

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