“Your mortgage didn’t get to a robo-signer by accident, it’s because you’re not paying.”


Wall Street blames homeowners in foreclosure fiasco

(Reuters) – Wall Street’s reaction to the allegations that some banks cut corners while foreclosing on 3 million homes since 2007: Pay your mortgage in the first place.

Some quotes from the asshats in the article…

“If you didn’t pay your mortgage, you shouldn’t be in your house. Period. People are getting upset about something that’s just procedural.”

Walter B. Todd, III

Walter B. Todd, III, Principal
Greenwood Capital Associates

“Everyone’s responsible for following the law. If we all don’t have to pay our mortgage, should we just stop paying taxes, too?”

“Your mortgage didn’t get to a robo-signer by accident, it’s because you’re not paying.”


Anton Schutz, President
Mendon Capital Advisers.
(585) 770-1770

“We’re not evicting people who deserve to stay in their house.”


Jamie Dimon, CEO
JPMorgan Chase

“We’ll go back and check over our homework one more time.”


Brian Moynihan, CEO
Bank of America

Read the article, if you can stomach it, in full here…

The executives for the largest lenders and others on Wall Street have downplayed the worries over foreclosures as nothing more than a technical speed-bump in a process that’s still accomplishing its main objective of removing delinquent borrowers from their homes.

This is what happens when there is great financial reward (bail outs) and total lack of deterrents (prosecution). The predators and criminals are emboldened, strengthened, and more confident as they marginalize, stigmatize their victims in a outstanding display of hubris. Imagine the same propaganda being spread about the millions of Americans standing in the soup lines of the Great Depression. Remember that child homelessness is up 33% since 2007. The elites hope we do not make these connections as we refuse to be labeled as deadbeats and criminals.