I Always Feel Like….Somebody’s Watching Me…..(I AM COFER BLACK)

I do. I feel like someone’s watching every move I make. And reading every single email and text and tracking every keystroke on every computer and listening in to every single phone conversation.

They have a diagnosis for my condition….Paranoid Delusions….except for me…and for many of you, the term doesn’t work because they actually are watching, reading, listening. I may be paranoid, but this is no delusion.

I really encourage everyone to watch the PBS-Frontline program, Top Secret America. This ain’t nutjob internet wacko stuff here folks, this is hard core journalism….some of the best that’s still produced in this country. We really don’t do journalism in this country anymore…if it won’t fit in a 60 second story, it’s ignored.

But every single American needs to understand exactly what happened after 9/11 when, “The Gloves Came Off”. They took the gloves off so they could write checks at break neck speed. And ever since then, our country has been spending trillions and trillions of dollars in ways and on things that are entirely undisclosed to Americans….and even from members of Congress. We have no idea exactly how much is being spent because it’s not disclosed to Americans….or members of Congress for that matter. What we do know is that our government has spent untold trillions.

Well, now that we’ve bombed two countries into rubble and we’ve got no active war…where exactly will we direct all these resources and effort? I know, let’s turn all this effort inward, let’s look right here in the United States of America. That’s where we get to the FUSION CENTERS!

No, Fusion Centers are not hip meeting halls on progressive church campuses, these are gigantic black holes that suck in every single bit and byte and every single keystroke of data that is written or kept or sent…anywhere in the world. Here’s what the Department of Homeland Security says about the Fusion Centers:

Check out the rest here…

And be sure to click the link to the PBS-Frontline program on Top Secret America over at Matt’s site to check out the video…