Occupiers Protest Eviction of Miami Woman

Longtime resident allowed to stay temporarily…

A Miami woman on the verge of being thrown out of her family’s longtime home received much-needed support from Occupy Miami Tuesday, when protestors showed up to fight her eviction notice. At the end of the day, however, it was her nephew who stopped cops from removing her from the property.

When deputies showed up to execute the eviction order, Angela Samuels showed an affidavit she filed Tuesday claiming her nephew, who lives in the 2-bedroom home at NW 46th Street, has not been served.

“Right now, where we stand is that there’s a tenant that was not served through the foreclosure process who’s tenancy should still be valid,” said community activist Shannon Reaze.

Samuels has endured a long battle to stay at the residence where she says she’s lived for more than 43 years. Many of the problems she now faces started when her parents died four years ago.

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Great job everyone!