An attorney for Lender Processing, Martin Fiorentino, who lobbied on behalf of the company, is actively involved in both state and national politics. Fiorentino is a well-known political fundraising bundler, and has raised at least $102,9000 for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. The Fiorentino Group has been paid at least $180,000 by Lender Processing Services since 2009.


Bondi cleared of firing foreclosure fraud attorneys for ‘political’ reasons

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi may have been cleared of charges that she fired two state attorneys for “political” reasons, but the motive behind the firings is still being called into question.

Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson were lead foreclosure fraud attorneys under former Attorney General Bill McCollum, and responsible for netting more than $2 million in foreclosure fraud damages in the state. But despite (or, as some have suggested, because of) their track record, the two were fired in 2011. Bondi maintained that the two “were failing to meet expectations, and they were held accountable for those shortcomings.”

Critics argued that the firings might have something to do with Bondi’s ties to two companies being investigated by Edwards and Clarkson: Jacksonville-based Lender Processing Services and Tampa-based ProVest. Edwards and Clarkson have publicly said that their former boss, Richard Lawson (the head of the economic crimes division in Bondi’s office), questioned them extensively about the companies, both of which are mortgage processors currently under investigation by the A.G.’s office.

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